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Design With Intent.

I have a BFA in Communication Design with a focus in User Experience Design and I have worked in B2B, B2C, FinTech, eCommerce, and InsureTech.  I enjoy simplifying complex systems and dissolving ambiguity with UX Design and research. I want to create meaningful designs that impact society in a positive way.

  • Product Designer— Quantum Assurance International

    • Designing and executing the UX research and design process for the team. Taking the lead in conducting user research, testing, design system creation, and more while creating a working Sales Dashboard and CRM.

  • UX Designer— Contractor for The Michaels Companies Technologies Team

    • Leading meetings with Product Managers and developers, overseeing multiple products and features within different platforms, and leading other designers to complete feature sets.

  • UX Designer— Range Design Firm​

    • Client: Mr. Cooper
      Following the UX process to design think, lead daily meetings and discovery/journey sessions, ux/ui research, user interface design, communication between teams.

  • UX internship— Range Design Firm​

    • Client: teezer
      Following the UX process to design think, lead meetings,
       research, test, and producing wire-frames, prototypes, and mock-ups for different projects.

  • AIGA— board member

    • Secretary, in charge of maintaining group records, including agendas, as well as writing summaries of activities and events.

  • Website Design—

    • Web development for a local tattoo shop, long term commitment that is improved over time.

Skill Set

Conceptual Thinking..........

Interface Design.............

Visual Design................


Usability Testing............

Information Architecture.....

Reading Recommendations

These materials have shaped and changed the way that I view design, by making me conscious of the things that I design, I now think of the ways my creations could possibly impact our society and world.

I am a very avid self-learner/teacher so I am constantly experimenting with new tools. I am experienced in the Adobe Suite, along with prototyping tools such as Figma, Sketch, Axure, Invision, and the low-code tool Bubble. My knowledge of research tools include things like miro, Optimal Workshop, and Userzoom.

My Interests

As an artist and designer my main desire is to learn new concepts and ideas. For this reason I experiment with a variety of mediums within my work, whether they're digital, 3D, or on canvas and paper.

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