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Design With Intent.

I have a BFA in Communication Design with a focus in User Experience Design and I have worked in B2B, B2C, FinTech, eCommerce, InsureTech, and in the Aviation Industry. I enjoy simplifying complex systems and dissolving ambiguity with UX Design and research. I want to create meaningful designs that impact society in a positive way.

  • Senior Product Designer— Contractor/Full-time for American Airlines

    • Integrating UX design processes into the product team workflows to ensure a user-centered approach throughout the development lifecycle. Close collaboration with the enterprise UX team to establish cohesive solutions among applications, and to give and receive feedback on design decisions.

  • Product Designer— Quantum Assurance International

    • Designing and executing the UX research and design process for the team. Taking the lead in conducting user research, testing, design system creation, and more while creating a working Sales Dashboard and CRM.

  • UX Designer— Contractor for The Michaels Companies Technologies Team

    • Leading meetings with Product Managers and developers, overseeing multiple products and features within different platforms, and leading other designers to complete feature sets.

  • UX Designer— Range Design Firm​

    • Client: Mr. Cooper
      Following the UX process to design think, lead daily meetings and discovery/journey sessions, ux/ui research, user interface design, communication between teams.

  • UX internship— Range Design Firm​

    • Client: teezer
      Following the UX process to design think, lead meetings,
       research, test, and producing wire-frames, prototypes, and mock-ups for different projects.

  • Website Design—

    • Web development for a local tattoo shop, long term commitment that is improved over time.

Reading Recommendations

These materials have shaped and changed the way that I view design, by making me conscious of the things that I design, I now think of the ways my creations could possibly impact our society and world.
Skill Set

Conceptual Thinking..........

Interface Design.............

Visual Design................


Usability Testing............

Information Architecture.....


I am a very avid self-learner/teacher so I am constantly experimenting with new tools. I am experienced in the Adobe Suite, along with prototyping tools such as Figma, Sketch, Axure, Invision, and the low-code tool Bubble. My knowledge of research tools include things like miro, Optimal Workshop, and Userzoom. I am also a Luma certified practitioner.

My Interests

As an artist and designer my main desire is to learn new concepts and ideas. For this reason I experiment with a variety of mediums within my work, whether they're digital, 3D, or on canvas and paper.

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