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This comprehensive magazine article is focused on the future and affect of Artificial Intelligence on the human race. Particularly what happens when we are all connected not just via our mobile devises, but internally connected through the advancement and entanglement of AI and homo-sapiens. Drawing from personal reading, UX design courses, authors such as Kevin Kelly, Paul Davies, and Stephen Hawking, as well as taking inspiration from Wired Magazine, this comprehensive article details the science, physics, causes, and potential consequences of our technology driven future.

In this editorial project I implemented imperative scientific research into the creation of my article, as well as the target personas of Wired magazine in order to understand the readers who would potentially view my article. This understanding also came into play when choosing my color palette, creating my illustrations, and designing the page layouts. The article is meant to grab the viewers attention, allow them to skim through the pages, and hopefully make them interested enough to read it.

Wireds online presence procures roughly 9million subscribers while their physical magazine reaches only 2.1million. Below I have added what my article would look like in both a web and mobile presence, which is the form that would reach most users.

To read the article, or just get a closer look at my prototypes, illustrations, and layouts, view the mobile and web versions on Adobe XD, and the print version on Adobe Indesign.


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